Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Great Beyond

Those who read this blog regularly may want to check out my latest project, a book entitled The Great Beyond. While it is a novel, it wrestles with significant issues related to how we see life, death, and the spiritual world. Here is the summary from the back of the book.

Ray did not expect his life to take the turns it did. He had always been a simple man who enjoyed modest pleasures and a few travel experiences. In fact, he thought he might have travelled more. But life just sort of happened and he never got around to the things he wanted to see. Now, on the biggest journey of his life, going places he could only imagine in his dreams, he is not sure he wants to be on this path. He is not sure how he got on this path or where it will take him next. Perhaps the biggest question is, “Who is in control?”

You can find the book on,, and Amazon Europe. After you have read it, leave a comment here or on my Facebook Page.

Below are a few endorsements from friends who read a pre-print.
Keith Shields takes us on a riveting interstellar journey through The Great Beyond. Bridging seamlessly from fantasy to space travel to the interior of the human heart, Shields never loses sight of a narrative arc rich with thought-provoking symbolism and memorable characters. A brilliantly imagined world."
Tara Miller, author
"This is not the type of book I usually read so I was not sure what to expect, but it proved surprisingly thought-provoking. The Great Beyond serves as an excellent resource for those with literary backgrounds or those who think philosophically. Shields skillfully guides readers through a creative and coherent journey of faith and imagination that we can experience and enjoy."
Dr. Bob Logan, Author of The Discipleship Difference (2016) and The Leadership Difference (2017).
The Great Beyond enflamed my imagination and stirred within me a refreshing perspective on the afterlife. I appreciate how Keith told a modern-day tale filled with vivid imagery. The pace kept me engaged from start to finish. I believe this story will give readers hope and inspire true faith.
Cam Taylor, Author of Detour, 2017.

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