Friday, July 14, 2017

Great Moments 2

Merry Clayton is one of the best known non-stars in the music industry. In 1969, as she was far from home, pregnant, and in a bad relationship, she was called by her manager. Her manager said, “We have some guys from England in the studio, the 'Rolling somebodies.' Can you come down and sing a track?” Her husband grabbed the phone and said, “No, she can’t come down, she is tired and pregnant. It is 2:00 in the morning.” The manager said, "I think these guys are going to be something. It will be good for your career. I think you better get down here."

Merry showed up at the studio in a nightgown, a coat, and a scarf over her curlers. She was given the lyrics to the song "Gimme Shelter" which had to do with the horrors of the world: war, murder, rape, floods, and shootings. She belted out her lines and blew away the band. On the original studio recording you can hear Jagger getting excited by her performance. Her solo only lasts a few minutes but is one of the great moments in music history.

Thanks to Chris Lantz for supplying this idea for a Great Moments in Music History blog.

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