Monday, July 10, 2017

Great Moments in Music History

Great Moments in Music History

If I were a music DJ (does such a thing still exist?) I would curate a show that focussed on some of the greatest moments in music and radio history. There would be plenty of room to talk about first radio transmissions and music innovations, but I would also address great solos and production of modern music phenomena. Today’s blog highlights one such moment.

Even though it only lasts a little more than 40 seconds, the saxophone solo on the song “Urgent” by Foreigner is one of those great moments in music history. The album, Foreigner Four, was released in 1981 and contained the song. It was instantly popular on Top Forty Radio for its rhythms and guitars, but it was the sax solo that made it a legend that lives on to our current day.

Junior Walker of Motown fame who led the band Jr. Walker and the All Stars, played the solo on the recording. Take a listen to it again here. Notice how there is a hint of the solo at approximately one minute and thirty seconds of the song; then the true solo breaks out at 2:40. Mick Jones of Foreigner heard that Junior Walker was touring through the same town in which they were recording Foreigner Four. Jones sat in on his sets at the Lone Star CafĂ© and then talked to Junior in his dressing room. Junior was happy to oblige and went down to the studio. However, he was taken aback by the fact that he was playing to the track previously recorded by the band. He had wanted to play live with the band.

The recording was done and it took a few edits to get what they wanted. But, when Junior Walker played with the band in concert a few weeks later, they were perfectly in-sync and played like they had always played together. It is truly one of those great moments in music history.

Send me one of your favourite moments in music history. Maybe you will see it featured on this blog.

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