Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Evolutionary Creation

I just read a marvellous explanation of evolutionary creation in Adam and the Genome by Dennis Venema and Scot McKnight (BrazosPress, 2017). McKnight says, “. . . God constructed the DNA of the smallest organic matter to unfold in our direction.” (p. 132) God started with DNA processes in small single-celled organisms and set it up in such a way that one day, humans would be created. The DNA unfolded “in our direction.”

One page over, McKnight then goes on to explain God’s image in men and women. “They image God whenever each separately or whenever both together rule, subdue or cause any element of creation to flourish in God’s design for it.” (p. 133) That may be the best explanation of the imago Dei or image of God I have heard and is certainly something to which I can relate, either as the farmer I used to be, or the pastor and coach I am now. When I cause an animal, stalk of grain, or person to flourish so that they function in the way they were designed, I am co-ruling, co-subduing, and joining with God in this work. I am turning chaos into order and causing others to delight in who they are. 

I will continue to read this book and see what other insights may be found. This is an important book for this point in the history of Evangelical Christianity.


  1. Very interesting comments and quotes, Keith. I look forward to more insights from the book.

  2. Thanks, Keith. I'd love to read this book. I really enjoyed Collin's book The Language of God. And I do love the image of God as it relates to flourishing - lots to work with there!