Thursday, May 29, 2014

If There Is No God

If there is no God, then all that exists is time and chance acting on matter. If this is true then the difference between your thoughts and mine correspond to the difference between shaking up a bottle of Mountain Dew and a bottle of Dr. Pepper. You simply fizz atheistically and I fizz theistically. This means that you do not hold to atheism because it is true , but rather because of a series of chemical reactions . . . . Morality, tragedy, and sorrow are equally evanescent. They are all empty sensations created by the chemical reactions of the brain, in turn created by too much pizza the night before. If there is no God, then all abstractions are chemical epiphenomena, like swamp gas over fetid water. This means that we have no reason for assigning truth and falsity to the chemical fizz we call reasoning or right and wrong to the irrational reaction we call morality. If no God, mankind is a set of bi-pedal carbon units of mostly water. And nothing else.
From a debate between Farrell Till and Douglas Wilson. See the transcript here

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  1. Is a sports car just a hunk of alluminum and other metals? Is a fancy log cabin just a bunch of wood? Is a song that sends chills up your spine just 1s and 0s on your iPod? While it's technically true the same goes for us. The point is, we are here! And wheather or not you think we were put here by a giant humanoid like being, that created 100s of billions of galaxies, just it put us on a tiny rock in the middle of knowhere and send most of us to hell for not accepting the idea that this god impregnating his mom to give birth to himself, so that he can be horribly killed, to save some of us from an eternal torture chamber that he created, is just an opinion.