Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sacred Spaces Followup

A few days ago I wrote about sacred spaces and challenged us to create our own. Now I would like to ask you to tell me about your sacred spaces. Where do you go to be creative? Where do you go to unplug? Some write songs or solve problems in the shower. For others their creative space is in the car while they drive. Still others find solice and sanctity on a mountain-top? Take the time to send me a comment in the space below.

"Creative Arts raise a person to another level of consciousness as if you could imagine life before words." Charlie Haden


Twila Smith said...

I found your post about sacred spaces to be very interesting; especially after having just returned home from Greece, where there are many Greek Orthodox Churches. Upon entering these churches a female must have her sholders and her knees covered, there are signs posted requesting people to enter the church respectfully dressed and well behaved. These churches are adorned with tapestries and paintings on the walls and on the ceiling, and wood carvings that would have taken hours of time to create. There is always a picture of Mary holding baby Jesus right at the front of the church where those who come to pray kiss their faces upon entering. They light candles and pray in silence or in quiet whispers.
Coming from a North American church background I found it so peaceful to be able to come into this quiet, beautiful place and pray and thank my Heavenly Father for the things I have and the experience I was on.
However, I was also struck by the fact that Christ did not preach a message of beautiful paintings and carvings, but of love and hope and reaching out to all people in all areas of the world.
I later found a spot in Greece that, to me, seemed even more sacred. While standing on the beach in a town I did not know, lost and not able to find my husband; I looked out at the incredible, vast Mediteranian Sea and thought of God's power and might in such a creation. I thought about all the things that were living and growing under that water and all that goes on below the surface, that we humans cannot see. To me, this was sacred, and this was a place I was able to praise God in a way I've never been able to do before.
I think we can find sacred places to worship our Lord everywhere. I think it's just a matter of whether or not we're looking for them; and finding Him in all that we do.

Keith Shields said...

Awesome, poetic, addition to this post. Thanks Twila.

Andrew said...

When we built our new home two years ago here on P.E.I., I wanted a small space that was like the wardrobe Lucy walked through in Narnia. A place of enchantment where I could meet with Aslan the Lion...a place to get away and be quiet and pray. With each passing day of the build it seemed my hopes were being dashed with other spaces that kept crowding out the possible places where this might be. As we drew closer and closer to the end of our build, a space literally opened up as we began the final closets. Above the apartment door of the bungalow we had built, was an extra 16' of space that my carpenter said 'with a little work' might be just that space. It's become my favorite space in the house, hidden behind a closet door, like a hiding space, 5' wide, 6' high and about 8' long. Just enough for a chair, a few simple icons that take me 'up and out' of our new home...sacred space. Thanks for asking!

Keith Shields said...

That is fantastic Andrew. Thanks for sharing this story.

Andrew said...

Come visit us Keith, you would love where the place takes you!!

Keith Shields said...

Yes, we just might visit PEI one day soon. Thanks for the invitation.