Sunday, November 29, 2009

Beetles and Churches

Stuart Murray spoke at the Renov8 Congress in Calgary. One of the interesting things he said was this.
If we serve a God who loves beetles enough to create 350,000 different kinds, can't we have a few more types of churches? Stuart Murray, Director of Urban Expression, UK:


Anonymous said...

I think the diversity we see in creation says so much about God and the way he works. But how much of the diversity we see in our culture (church, society, etc) is more a sign of our fragmentation and brokenness than the beauty of creational diversity? I wonder if a good thing (diversity that is creation) isn't appealed to as a cover up sin and brokenness (like segregation in the church according to socio-economic or racial or doctrinal or consumption preferences). How do we both celebrate creational diversity yet decry our increased fragmentation? A myriad of beetles is wonderful, a disintegrated people of God is not.

Keith Shields said...

Tom/thekingdomtree, Thanks for the comment. I was waiting a few days to balance what Stuart Murray said with other things he also said.

Stuart Murray also said, "We might be in danger of creating boutique chuches. There is an ecclesial minimum."

"Mission first, church second. If you are truly contextual, you may end up planting a church that you don't like very much."

"Church must be contextual and missional! Some church plants are in danger of disappearing into the culture. We must listen to the culture and listen to God. What are the signs that God is at work?"

Tom, you have made an important point. Diversity is good; fragmentation is bad. Can we have diversity of opinions, divesity of models, diversity of churches and yet One Body? I think we must.